Y.A.R.O Ka Tashan TV Serial on SAB TV

Y.A.R.O ka Tashan Serial | SAB TV
Y.A.R.O ka Tashan Serial | SAB TV

YARO ka Tashan hai is all new India TV series which is mainly based on the robot which looks like a human being. This show is being telecasts on channel Sab TV which was first aired on 26th July, 2016. The sab tv is only the Indian channel that shows the comedy series which are not like the other dramatic and emotional shows. The main motto of this channel is to make the peoples smile.

So basically, Y.A.R.O Ka Tashan is also the comedy based television series. Which shows: how this robot meets the real human beings and how he interacts to them!

This series shows the life of the professor Govardhan Aggarwal and his wife Beena Aggarwal, who weren’t having any child from past few years. As the result, professor made the robot and named him Y.A.R.O (Young Assembled Robotic Object). They consider this robot as their son and programmed him like a human being.

The behavior of this robot is totally like a common man, but he is having some extra powers that humans can’t do! Extra powers like: Lifting heavy weights, Run at blazing speed, Walking on walls and many more!